Playlist „OhmSweetOhm“ vom 07.10.2009 auf (((EBM Radio)))

21:00 – 23:00

Schlagstrom Vol. 4 Release Special

Geistform – Estacion Polar
Asche – Prig (Version)
Siamgda – Dhira
Mono No Aware – Kanden
Bad Sector – A-Life (Preview)
Last Days Of S.E.X. – Solidarity To The Immigrants
Doc./.Trodz – From The Bunker
Ahnst Anders & Toninstitut – Calling
Traumasutra – Sjamaan (Schlagstrom Edit)
Ah Cama-Sotz – G-Spot (Tech-Rmx By DJ I:Gor)
Cabaret Grotesque – Schrittmuster
Insekt – Dreamscape (Live @ „Biskuithalle“ Bonn 1992)
Jamez Dean – I Wanna Kick Your Kidneys So Hard That You’ll Piss Blood Into A Catheter From A Wheelchair The Rest Of Your Life
Le Moderniste – Moist Vagaries
Last Dominion Lost – The Shell In The Chamber
Spherical Disrupted – Induction
Empusae – Nilfheim (Godlike)
In Slaughter Natives – Ich Habe (2009 Remix)
Noizemachine Tour Truckers – Re-Loading
Synapscape – Take A Seat And Die
Beinhaus – Kein Verlust
Wertham – Thinspiration Generation
Sonar – Chrome Intruder
For Greater Good – Usufruct (Live Session)
Analog Suicide – As Beta 3 (Short Version)
100blumen – Evil Seed (Evil Weed Remix By Nin Kuji)
Kristus Kut – Freedom Dances
Kunst Als Strafe – Eroding