Happy Birthday Richard H. Kirk!

Happy Birthday Richard H. Kirk!
(born March 21, 1956)
Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag (12″)
Released: 1979
Label: Celluloid
Cabaret Voltaire was founded in 1973 as an experimental sound project by Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, and Chris Watson in Sheffield, UK. Cabaret Voltaire’s first public concert ended with destroyed instruments, devices and a broken vertebrae by Mallinder.  The audience, used to rock and roll, couldn’t handle the electronic sounds and attacked the band.
When Punk came over Great Britain in the second half of the 1970s, the audience was also ready for Cabaret Voltaire. In 1978 the Band signed a record deal with Rough Trade Records and sold some albums and singles quite successfully.
„Nag Nag Nag“ was the second single and was released in 1979.

My release is the french version from 1979

cEvin Key And The Subconscious Electronic Orchestra ‎– X̱wáýx̱way (2 LP)

Just arrived:

cEvin Key And The Subconscious Electronic Orchestra ‎– X̱wáýx̱way (2 LP)
Label: Artoffact Records / Sub-Conscious Communications
Released: February 19, 2021
Track: Tomahawk

The master of synthesizers, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy, Download, The Tear Garden, Cyberaktif, …) has just released an album under his name.
There are guest appearances by Edward Ka-Spel, Otto Von Schirach, Traz Damji, Soriah and IAMX.
The album title was changed to „Resonance“ after the artwork for the LP and the CD was printed.

The Weathermen – Bang! (12″)

Today is the birthday and the date of death of Bruce Geduldig (March 7, 1953 – March 7, 2016) of The Weathermen and Toxedomoon.
„Bang!“ or „Bang! Bang!“?
The winner is „Bang!“
The Weathermen – Bang! (12„)
Released: 1989
Label: Play It Again Sam
The Weathermen – Bang! Bang! (12„)
Released: 1989
Label: Play It Again Sam

Happy Birthday „Official Version“!

Happy Birthday „Official Version“!

Front 242’s third album „Official Version“ was released on March 1st, 1987 on „Red Rhino Europe“ in Belgium. My version is the 1987 German edition of „Animalized“.

Front 242 – Official Version
Released March 1st, 1987
Label: Animalized

Happy Birthday Cindy Wilson!

Happy Birthday Cindy Wilson!

Cindy Wilson (born 28 February 1957, Athens, Georgia, USA) is one of the singers of „The B-52’s“ and is also responsible for percussion and guitar.

„The B-52’s“ released the single „Rock Lobster“ in 1978 and the single „Planet Claire“ from their debut album „The B-52’s“ in 1979 on Island Records. In 1979 the double single „Rock Lobster / Planet Claire“ was released for the Japanese market. In 1986 Island Records decided to rerelease this double single as a picture disc … in three different versions. This one here is called the Lobster edition.

Front Line Assembly – Mechanical Soul

Front Line Assembly – Mechanical Soul (2xLP)
Released: January 15, 2021
Label: Metropolis

The new album of my canadian heroes Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber aka Front Line Assembly has finally arrived.
The snippets that i use for my video come from a fan video of the track „Unknown“, which can be seen in full length on youtube and mindphaser.com.

The material for this clip comes from the Sci-Fi short films „SENTiNEL“ and „Detroit 2029„.
„SENTiNEL“: https://youtu.be/gaiX1W8GjpM
„Detroit 2029„: https://youtu.be/_CySl3yEHIM

Happy Birthday Daniel Miller

Happy Birthday Daniel Miller!

Daniel Miller was born in London on February 14, 1951. At the end of the 60s/beginning of the 70s, electronic music came into his life in the form of Krautrock through Kraftwerk, NEU !, Can… He saw a great potential in the increasingly cheaper synthesizers and predicted that they could replace the guitar in Punk. Inspired by the do-it-yourself concept of some Punk bands, he decided to market his electronic music himself and founded the independent label „Mute Records“. With a Korg 700S and a four-track recorder, he recorded the single „T.V.O.D./Warm Leatherette“ and released it on May 1st, 1978 under the name „The Normal“. The rest is music history.