Happy Birthday Richard H. Kirk!

Happy Birthday Richard H. Kirk!
(born March 21, 1956)
Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag (12″)
Released: 1979
Label: Celluloid
Cabaret Voltaire was founded in 1973 as an experimental sound project by Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, and Chris Watson in Sheffield, UK. Cabaret Voltaire’s first public concert ended with destroyed instruments, devices and a broken vertebrae by Mallinder.  The audience, used to rock and roll, couldn’t handle the electronic sounds and attacked the band.
When Punk came over Great Britain in the second half of the 1970s, the audience was also ready for Cabaret Voltaire. In 1978 the Band signed a record deal with Rough Trade Records and sold some albums and singles quite successfully.
„Nag Nag Nag“ was the second single and was released in 1979.

My release is the french version from 1979

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