cEvin Key And The Subconscious Electronic Orchestra ‎– X̱wáýx̱way (2 LP)

Just arrived:

cEvin Key And The Subconscious Electronic Orchestra ‎– X̱wáýx̱way (2 LP)
Label: Artoffact Records / Sub-Conscious Communications
Released: February 19, 2021
Track: Tomahawk

The master of synthesizers, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy, Download, The Tear Garden, Cyberaktif, …) has just released an album under his name.
There are guest appearances by Edward Ka-Spel, Otto Von Schirach, Traz Damji, Soriah and IAMX.
The album title was changed to „Resonance“ after the artwork for the LP and the CD was printed.

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