Playlist „Ohm Sweet Ohm“ vom 06.11.2013 @ (((EBM Radio)))

21:00 – 23:00

Binary Park – System Sucks CD mp3
Chrysalide – Another Brick In The Wall (Traumanoize Cover) CD
Neon Cage Experiment – Caretaker CD
Öhm – When Robots Fuck CD mp3
Alec Empire – Robot L.O.V.E. CD mp3
Serpents – Ironworks CD
Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted * CD mp3
Unit:187 – Dead Dogs (Doggy Style Mix By Tensor) * CD
Severe Illusion – My Car Is Burning In Hell * CD
No Sleep By The Machine – Silent Killing mp3
The-Pulsar – I Loosing My Control free download
Calva Y Nada – Dralles Weib CD
Front 242 – No Shuffle (Live At Hot Point, Lausanne (Switzerland), 30.11.86) CD
Die Warzau – Grounded CD mp3
Restricted Area – Bulldozer CD
Spetsnaz – Onwards CD mp3
The Klinik – Bite Now Bite * CD mp3
In_Coma – New Colo(u)rs * CD
MS Gentur – Oblivion * CD
Aïboforcen Feat. à;GRUMH… – Chaos Insect (Bloody Mix) CD mp3
Brain Leisure – My Punishment CD mp3
Comaduster – Chasms CD mp3



~ von INTOX-Matze - 7. November 2013.

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